Sapphire Blue - Kerstin Gier (Ruby Red #2)

I am so lost when it comes to this book. I didn't like it, and I can't put my finger on WHY I didn't like it.

This is the second book in the Ruby Red series (I think that's what the series is called?!) Anyway, we follow Gwyneth on her adventures of time travel and this book just basically develops the first book, that's all I'm going to say about it.

Okay, so Charlotte pissed me off more than anything ever in this whole world. She's such a sneaky bitch. I can't handle girls who are stuck up and pretentious and that's exactly what Charlotte is! I really just want something terrible to happen to her so we don't have to listen to her go on and on about how useless and untalented Gwen is. I don't care, I love Gwen and she's much much better than you, Charlotte.

Gideon. Oh Gideon, what are we going to do with you. Can I just say that the romance between Gwyneth and Gideon seems so pathetic. I feel like there's no connection between the two characters, at the beginning of the book I literally thought that Gideon was using her or something- but I definitely new that he wasn't completely interested in her, because I just didn't see anything at all between them. If anything they acted more like brother and sister (they hate eachother but they have to love and care for eachother). Oh I don't know, I just didn't like them together at all. And the big reveal towards the end of the book just had me sighing, like it was so predictable.

Count Saint-Germain? Really mate. This count guy confuses the hell out of me, what's his game? What does he want? Why is he shit-stirring things and why is he mind-strangling her one day and then being completely nice the next? I just don't know what's going on with him at all!

Lesley is just as funny and intelligent as ever! She's probably my favourite character in this series and she doesn't really appear that much, which I guess is saying something.

Okay so just a small matter about the time traveling thing. This is probably going to sound like the most nonsense point ever, but it's really difficult to explain it, so I'm going to try my very best. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. And if anyone does think it makes sense or can explain this point to me then I'd love to hear it! So here it is, when Gwen goes back in time and talks to her granddad, she's worrying about whether she should tell him who he marries or not (because he's stuck in between 2 girls at the time), because if she does it'll change the future and she wouldn't exist.. but how can the future be changed if it's already happening at this moment? So if he didn't marry her grandmother, her mother, aunt, cousin & herself would just disappear randomly in the present day or???

If that doesn't make sense, I'm sorry, I'm confused too! But if you want me to elaborate or try and explain it more then just leave a comment and I'll be happy to!

Xemerius is so funny! I think he's the reason I carried on reading, I'm so glad the author included him, he brings so much lightness, joy and happiness that this story desperately needed! He's such a witty demon/ghost/thing/whatever. The comments he comes out with literally made me laugh out loud, so I think these 2 stars go to him!

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