The Selection - Kiera Cass (Selection #1)

Oh where to start!
In the reformed country of Illea, the Selection takes place. It's tradition for all the princes of the country to hold a competition in order to find his wife, the next princess and future queen, this competition is called The Selection. In a society that is deeply segregated based on their ancestors status, girls between the ages of 16 and 24 can apply to be part of the Selection and will compete with 34 other girls to win Prince Maxon's heart.

America enters the competition even though she doesn't want to, she'll be away from the love of her life, Aspen who is a caste below her, and she will be competing for a man and a crown that she has no interest in having. Once she arrives at the Palace and meets Prince Maxon, her feelings gradually start to change, and she questions her feelings.

I loved this book from the moment I opened it and read the first few paragraphs, I loved the idea of the Selection, it reminded me of the Bachelor. Of course, in reality, having the Selection is definitely not a good thing, but for the purposes of this book, it works superbly. America is a good character at the beginning, she knows what she wants and nothing that anyone does is going to make her change her mind, but as we get further into the book, she becomes really frustrating. I feel like there were a lot of times when she could have just made life so much easier for herself but she didn't and she made things so unnecessarily difficult.

Despite the annoyingness of the main character, I still really enjoyed this book and I ended up loving Maxon so much. He seems like the perfect guy, I was rooting for him to choose her so they could live happily ever after. But if that was the case, there'd be no need for the second book would there?

I definitely recommend this book if you like the sound of what it's about, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out because I'm dying to know what happens.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this - I have it on my to-read Goodreads list.