Pretentious book teenagers.

I read so many YA books that have these highly intelligent, slightly pretentious teenagers. I feel like there are only a handful of teenagers in the world who are THAT intelligent. I mean, in some of the settings, the intelligence just doesn't fit. Would you act like a super-genius when you're hanging out with your friends? No I didn't think so. Maybe if you're in a lesson, then it's fine- because you're using all your skills etc etc.

And yes, I'm basing this rant on The Fault in our Stars - John Green because both Hazel and Augustus are the most pretentious and unrealistic teenagers ever, it's not normal.

I read a comment on goodreads where someone said 'they're not supposed to be normal, they have cancer'. Really? Of course they do. Does that mean everyone who gets cancer turns into a super smart literary God? I don't think so.

A lot of books are coming out with characters like this and it just really annoys me because it's unrealistic and doesn't portray this generation of teenagers well. Of course we don't want stupid characters, which a lot of YA books also have- why can't we have characters that are somewhere in between smart and stupid? Most teenagers aren't incredibly intelligent, and with the level of education that's available they're not dumb as fuck either.

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  1. I totally agree with you Annie! The characters in John Green's novel were completely unrealistic and the book was horribly pretentious. Very spot on!