Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson

Well well well. Where to start.
Amy is leaving California, to live in Connecticut. Roger is going with her. They're going on a road trip.

That's what this book is about- I thought.. Woah yes please. Road trip? Across America? Yes yes yes yes.

But in reality? Hmm it honestly wasn't that great.

I felt like it was a little slow, some of the places they went just seemed really irrelevant and didn't bring much to the story. The romance aspect could have taken off a little sooner, so we could have gotten to love them together- but it was just weird and awkward.

I thought the concept of the book was really great but it just wasn't executed as good as it could have been.

I loved when they went to Colorado Springs and we met Bron, and she was just really friendly and likeable, I wish we could have seen more of her! I loved the people they met along the way and I felt like they could have all been incorporated into the ending to really just end it with a big fat bang, but it just wasn't anything special at all.

I liked it, it was okay, it wasn't WOW. It didn't make me want to jump on a plane so I can drive around America, but it wasn't terrible- there were some really really good parts of the story that I just loved!

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