Anna Dressed In Blood - Kendare Blake

Anna is a ghost who haunts her old house. Cas is a ghost killer. It doesn't take a genius to work out where this is going. Yep, Cas is going to kill Anna. But is he?

I liked this, I wasn't sure about it at first, I'm not really a fan of ghosts (they scare me) but I got this book for Christmas from my sister so I had to give it a try! I've also heard a lot of people rave and rave about it, so it can't be that bad right? Right.

I liked this, I liked Cas as a character, he was really likeable and had a lot of 'work ethic' I guess. He had a job, and he'd do anything to complete it.

I thought it was going to be creepy. I mean, it was a little bit- but then throughout the middle of the book it just became kind of stupid, like it wasn't creepy anymore and meh it became really dumb.

The first half was really great, the second half was such a let down. I'm not sure if I'll be reading the next book- maybe. I think it would have been perfect as a stand-alone as I'm honest. But hey what do I know?

I enjoyed it, it was an interesting read, I just wish that it took a different road, it would have been much better if it did.


  1. I'm glad you liked this book. I have been hesitant to read it because it is a ghost story as you mentioned, and those scare me too! I think I will give it a try now though, since you enjoyed it.
    -Blue Books and Butterflies

  2. Personally I loved this book....it's one of the best I have read in the last year or so. Yes, I am a horror fan, but Anna Korlov is a great character, as is Cas....and the second book is worth reading, though this one is vastly superior. Great to see a new review on this book! Thank you!