The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

This is my favourite book ever. I've decided.
My mind is just swimming with emotions- Am I happy? Am I sad? What am I feeling? I have no fucking clue at all.

So it's set in Nazi Germany during the second World War- yeah I know what you're thinking... WWII? YES PLEASE.

I've studied World War 2 for 4 years during school, from different perspectives- and I've always really enjoyed it and found it hugely interesting.
I know, I sound like I'm a fan of Nazi's, but I'm not (ew) I just find the whole thing so interesting and just heartbreaking and sad and terrible and fascinating and hmm.
The book is narrated by Death which is weird- I'll admit when it first started I was so confused like wait what what what huh but then after a while I just got so pulled into the intensity of the story and the community that we're introduced to that I really just started to enjoy the outsider point  of view.

This is one of the most unique books I've ever read, and honestly I cannot wait to read it again. It will make you smile, and laugh, and cry, and it will just completely fuck up all of your emotions and you'll just want to sit in a corner alone for hours afterwards until you get over the awesomeness of the book.

I'm just not going to say anymore, I loved this book so much (along with everyone else, because yes, it's so goddamn popular)

*ps. I tend to dislike super popular books purely because they're so hyped up and my expectation for them is literally through the roof so when it comes to it, it's usually just a let down - I'm talking to you TFioS. but this is just not like that at all, it deserves the popularity and the love and the hype. It deserves a medal and a frame and a section in the history museums and a whole city named after it and blah  it's just incredible so go and read it.

I might read it again and I only finished it like 2 days ago hehe :)

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