This or That Book Tag!

I found this book tag on Lauren's blog and thought it would be a good idea to do it now, seeing as it's taking me AGES to get through Throne of Glass- so another review won't be coming for another few days.

1. Physical book or e-book? 
E-books. Always e-books. I love physical books, don't get me wrong- and I do have a pretty good collection, but I find it so much easier to read on e-books. I tend to read a lot more, I read a lot faster and they're so much cheaper than buying books. Plus they don't take up space (that I don't have) and they're much easier to hold and read in bed.

2. Audio or book in hand? 
Book in hand. I can't concentrate properly listening to audio books, I prefer to see the words and read them in my own voice, or whatever voice I decide to give the characters. It's a lot more personal for me, plus it's much quicker to read than it is to listen.

3. Paperback or hardcover? 
Paperback - cheaper and easier to hold. Hardbacks are so heavy and uncomfortable to read from.

4. Adult or Young Adult? 
Young Adult. Obviously.

5. Series or standalone? 
I'm going to say standalone. But I do love series. I just can't read too many series in a row, once I finish a series, I need to read like 5 standalone books before I start another one. Plus, I don't like the commitment involved, it scares me. I'm scared of commitment.  

6. Dog ears or bookmarks? 
Bookmarks. Don't ruin your books, kids.

7. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book? 
Can I choose neither? This is why I like e-books. But I'd rather barely open the book and read uncomfortably than break the spine.

8. Borrow or buy? 
Buy... I like to re-read books, so I need to buy them so I can be able to do that. I have most of my books on my kindle, so buying them isn't really that expensive for me.

9. Bookstore or online? 
Online. Much cheaper. But I do love browsing bookstores and feeling all the books. It's calming.

10. Fiction or non-fiction? 
Fiction. I need to escape this world, all the time.

11. Fantasy world or real life issues? 
It really depends on my mood. Recently, I've been in a real life issues kind of mood, but I want to get back into more fantasy. I can't have too much fantasy though, I'll probably go crazy.

12. Kindle, iPad or other? 
Kindle. Kindle paperwhite to be precise. I love that thing.

13. Monster read or short & sweet? 
Short & sweet. I would rather read a 7 book series of 300 page books than a trilogy of 800 pages. I feel more accomplished.

14. Starry eyed romance or full of action? 
Ideally, a mixture. I love both, again.. depending on my mood. But I'm a sucker for romance.

15. Curl up in a snuggie or bathe in the sun? 
Definitely curl up in a snuggie. I'd much rather be inside in bed than outside in uncomfortable heat and bright sun.

16. Read the review or decide for yourself? 
I rarely ever read reviews before I read a book... I like to make my own mind up - sometimes you can't help hearing other people's opinions, especially with hyped books but I like to take control with that. I tend to read reviews after I've finished the book to see if people had the same opinions and views on it as me.

17. Zombies or unicorns? 
Erm. To be fair, I haven't read a book about either, but I'll say unicorns. They seem to be a lot more mysterious than zombies. If anyone can recommend a good YA book with unicorns, let me know in the comments!

That's all for today folks!

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