Top 10 Tuesday! (Yes, I'm aware it's now Wednesday!)

Hey guys, so I've been really busy lately- I'm off on holiday tomorrow so I've been spending all my time shopping (yay!) and packing etc, making sure everything's ready. This is why my Top 10 Tuesday is being posted on a Wednesday. So, sorry about that- but holidays come first (kinda).

*Another note, next weeks Top 10 Tuesday, and well all posts as of tomorrow may be on hold until I get back, I won't be taking my laptop and I'm hoping I'll be too busy having fun to even begin to think about posts for the blog! But I will be up and running again on the 24th August, so it's not too long!*

Without further ado, let's get started!

This weeks topic is 'authors we have read the most books from'. Another hard topic for me, seeing as I don't really have favourite authors and I tend to just look at a books description and read it based on that, rather than who wrote it. But I'll give it a shot. 

1. JK Rowling (10 books) 
I love the Harry Potter series and all the companion books, I haven't read any of her adults novels, but I've read around 10 of her books, which I think is probably the most books I've read from one author. 

2. Cassandra Clare (9 books)
I've read the whole Mortal Instruments series, and also the Infernal Devices trilogy, so that's like... 9 books? That's a lot. Whether or not I enjoyed them all is a different story. 

3. Richelle Mead (7 books) 
The Vampire Academy series is one of the greatest vampires series I've read. I also tried the first book in the Bloodlines series, but I didn't much enjoy that. Nevertheless, that's a lot of books from one author!

4. Stephanie Meyer (6 books) 
The whole Twilight Saga, including the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and also The Host (which btw, is amazing). 
5. Marissa Meyer (6 books) 
Again, the whole Lunar Chronicles series (4 books) plus a few of the novellas. Favourite series ever. READ IT. 

6. John Green (5 books)
I decided to try out JG books after I heard all the hype about him online a few years ago. I gave TFiOS a try and didn't enjoy it that much, but I didn't want to have negative views on the author himself. I'm glad I read more of his books, because I found that I loved Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. 

7. Marie Lu (4 books) 
I read the entire Legend trilogy (which is an amazing trilogy, I can't stress that enough) as well as one novella that came along with it. Such great books, and amazing writing! 
8. Simone Elkeles (3 books) 
These three books are companion novels which I read when I was younger in school, around Year 7/8 and I fell in love with them. Even thinking of them now, I have such amazing memories of the books. Perfect Chemitry, Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction. 

9. Neal Schusterman (3 books) 
I read the first three books in the Unwind series. I actually didn't know there was a 4th one until recently, but I don't feel like I want to pick that up even though I really enjoyed the first three books. They were like something I've never read before.

10. Rainbow Rowell (3 books)
I really enjoy Rainbow Rowell's books, I read Eleanor & Park (which is one of my favourite books), Fangirl and Attachments. All very good books :) I did read half of Landline, but I just couldn't get into that so I didn't think I could include it. 

So there ya have it folks! What's the most amount of books you've read from one author!?


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  2. Well.. my most read author is Rick Riordan! I've read 13 of his books :)

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