Non-book related post: Praying for Paris.

Hearing the news of the attacks that happened last night in Paris, is both shocking and frightning. The attacks are frequently getting closer to home. My heart goes out to everyone who was involved in the attacks, and to their families- no one deserves to go through anything like this. It's even more frightening to think that it could happen to any of us, in any country. Especially living in big cities like London, the threat is so much higher and I believe that's why people (that I know of, from the UK) are so taken aback by what is happening. It's too close to home. It's becoming more and more real now. It's scary. But the point is, we can't be scared, we can't let it affect our everyday lives, otherwise they win. And we all know, evil never wins. 

As always in times like this, it's amazing to see different cities around the world, come together to support those going through horrific attacks.

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