Champion/Allegiant Rant

Okay, so I just finished reading Champion - Marie Lu today. WHAT WHAT. Can we just talk about that for a sec?

What was that ending? Where was the closure? What happens after that? Oh I don't know. I think we need a little novella to just give us another 5 years in the future or something!

I was not content with that ending.

I feel like the ending of a lot of dystopian trilogies (AHEM ALLEGIENT) just isn't living up to the high standards the previous books had. I think it's really hard to fix a whole society in the space of 3 books. There are so many problems, but I think Marie Lu did an incredible job at sewing the pieces together, mending the Republic and the Colonies, maybe not completely so everything is perfect, but that wouldn't be realistic, but she shows that it is all coming together. Allegient didn't really do that, I still had so many unanswered questions, there were too many plot holes, a lot of things didn't fit and the ending was not executed as it should have been. Allegient ruined Divergent for me, 100% and I hate it because I loved Divergent and Insurgent so much! It was disappointing.

So here's my question, can the ending of the last book in a series/trilogy ruin the whole thing? Or can it be overlooked?

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  1. I think for a series that is so popular, you have to have a strong ending. If not, you will risk reader displeasure. For me personally, I am not a fan of books with complete open endings, I want to be told what happens and have it tie up any and all loose ends. But other media forms struggle with this as well. Apparently, the Mass Effect 3 ending sucks, although I haven't made it there to find out.