The Fault in our Stars - John Green

The first time I reviewed this, I probably was a bit harsh. I wasn't used to John Green's writing style, but after reading more of his books, I've started to like it a lot more, so I won't fault him on that!
As you probably already know, this is a book about teens with cancer. Normally, I wouldn't pick up a book like this because I'm just not really into the depressing genre anymore, but because everyone was raving about it, I thought I'd give it a go. I think that was the worst thing to do, because I had such high expectations and when I finally read the book, I felt a little disappointed.

1. Hazel seems very very very intelligent, and she's all for literature and reading great classics, so why oh why when she's narrating does she sound like a 10 year old. It really and honestly doesn't make sense. When she talks to her parents, or Patrick or Kaitlyn, they do all the talk and she replies with 'Okay'. That is all. What kind of child (sick or not) who is that into books and reading can only think of one mediocre word to reply with? i do understand that 'okay' was a thing between her and Gus and that's why I didn't include it. But with other people? It just doesn't fit together sorry

2. The thing that gets me with this book (and I know I'll probably be hated more than Hitler for saying this) is that it just wasn't dark enough. Now my friend had cancer and let me tell you, being with her and going through it all with her, it wasn't as light as this book made it out to be. She wasn't able to joke around about it like they do, it was too much. Hazel and Gus just take it like a joke and okay, I get that it's their life and Hazel's been living with it and dealing with it for years so obviously she felt different about it than other kids would but still.

3. The beginning of this book was boring, very boring. It took me a month just to get to Chapter 5 and even then I had to force myself to carry on and finish it (don't ever leave a book unfinished, the ending could turn things all around).

Really. The characters didn't draw me in, I didn't really like Augustus at first, I didn't like Hazel, purely because she never really made sense and it only really started pulling at my heartstrings when they talked about their meds and their pain and being in hospital and what it was all like.
I might not be the most soppy and emotional person in the world, but those intentionally sad bits got to me a little.
let me just tell you, i did not cry.
I wasn't into the book that much to cry, that's just me. Overall, it was good once you got around 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through it, the beginning kind of sucks.

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