The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

An alien invasion book? Oh no, no thank you! - Yeah, that was my first reaction too! But this is just something else. I think this was the second alien invasion book I've read (The Host - Stephanie Meyer) being the first, and I loved them both!

It follows Cassie, whose world is literally falling apart because of this invasion. She's on the run from 'Them' and she goes it alone, because to stay alone is to survive. When they take her brother, she has to find him! On her way running through forests and all sorts, she meets Evan, this mysterious guy who she doesn't know whether to trust or not! And off they go, on this seemingly impossible mission to survive.

It was a slow start in the beginning, I didn't really know what was happening. I thought the characters were really childish and immature, referring to 'sex' as 'you know;);)' instead of just saying it! I thought it was weird... why would you want to have sex with the hot Ben Parish in the school toilets, but not be able to actually say the word 'sex'?... It was a little unfitting for me. But luckily enough, that cosy scene didn't last long!

I think the book really picked up once Cassie got going, it was full of action, and it was certainly very tense! I really liked Cassie, I was completely rooting for her! I loved all the twists in the book, I was so into the plot that I didn't see any of them coming and not having the predictableness to deal with for once was really great! If I were to read it again, I would definitely notice the predictability of it all, and probably slap myself from not picking up on the obvious before.

I really liked this book, I would definitely read it again if I ever got the time! It's a must-read, even if you're not all that into aliens. I enjoyed it so much.

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