Chasing The Wild Sparks - Ren Alexander

So I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. I have to start off by saying I was wary about reading the book because usually I have to be in a particular mood before I can read romance/realistic fiction novels, but it was really easy for me to read, get into and to love. 

Okay, so lets start off with what the book is actually about. 

It follows Hadley Beckett, a 33 year old paralegal secretary who desperately wants marriage and children with her long-term boyfriend Finn. Finn is always in the public eye and definitely has a reputation to keep up. He's the local daredevil (crazy guy)and one of the best sports newscaster. They both want different things at different times and in different steps. Hadley is traditional, she wants to get married, live with Finn and have children. Whereas Finn wants well... not that! I really enjoyed this book from the moment I picked it up till the very second I finished it. It was fast-paced and it had some really amazing characters. Hadley's friends, Morgan and Gregg (Rod) were literally my favourites. I felt like I had so much in common with Morgan so it made me really warm to her. I loved the love-hate relationship they had, and the humour and lightness they added to the book. 

This was definitely an easy read, and it made me feel so strongly for the characters and the issues they were going through. 

I have only a few criticisms- the first being that sometimes the things that the characters said just didn't fit their personality, like one minute they'll be like 'none of your bees wax' and the next they'll be swearing and talking about sex etc. It didn't really fit in, and maybe they were just joking around with the kids lingo, but it didn't sit well with me, I just didn't get it. Another thing I didn't really like was the ending, it was a really abrupt ending and being a big fantasy and paranormal lover, I do love a bit of a cliffhanger. 

But overall, it was a really good book and I definitely recommend it to anyone who thinks they might be interested in it. 

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