Uglies - Scott Westerfield

Oh where to start! Alright, well first I did like it! I really did, I read  the whole book, I enjoyed the story, I didn't like the characters all that much, but the whole idea behind it fascinated me, because I could understand why Scott Westerfield created this world as he did.
So Tally is an 'ugly' (or normal girl) 16 year old. This is all very futuristic, set 300 years in the future (give or take). We as present day humans have well f*cked up the world and nearly wiped out our entire species. A new world was created, small cities all around were formed. It's all very tight-knit, a little like the Hunger Games where they disagree with what's going on, and try to change things blah blah, it's nothing we haven't seen before. One side of the city is called (and I quote) "Uglyville". This is where all the ugly people live in dorms, a little like a University campus I suspect, from the ages 12-16. On their 16th birthday they go through a procedure that will make them pretty and they can move over to the other side of the city called "New Pretty Town where all the pretty people live happily ever after. 
Ahem no. It's not all rainbows and roses, and yep you guessed it, it all kicks off and goes downhill from here! 

Honestly? I didn't expect to like this book, purely because I despised the idea of people being segregated into 'pretty' and 'ugly'. 

If you're into YA dystopia, you'll enjoy this! It's not written very well and if I'm honest it's been a while since I read this book but here's my theory: If you can finish the book, then it can't have been that bad! 

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