In Shadows of Magic - Alison F Prince

The author of this book actually messaged me on Goodreads and asked me to quickly download it and read it, to let her know what I think and to spread the word about this lovely book.

At first, I thought, well.. it's about twin sisters who can do magic, sounds promising. I've always liked books about witches, but I haven't read any that are really really good or even above 3 stars. So Mandy is the perfect girl, she has it all, she's beautiful and popular and smart, and she's the more powerful witch, which means.. she's using her magic to make herself be the perfect girl, but is everything really perfect for Mandy? Brianna, Mandy's twin sister doesn't have it so good, she can barely access her magic, she hasn't had any luck in the romance department and when she does finally meet a guy she likes, she discovers he has dark and dangerous secrets. Great. But not everything is about the material things in life, when something bigger than being perfect happens and changes the girls' lives forever.

Mysterious right? Seems dark and dangerous doesn't it? For the most of the book, it's about Brianna trying to be popular and being 'better' than her sister. It focuses on high-school and the average every day problems that 99% of girls face. The interesting part of the book doesn't happen until much further in and that really irritated me. I thought it would be more magical and different, but it was just about shallow girls.

When the magical, dangerous part did arrive, it wasn't any good. It was average at most, nothing seemed that dangerous to me, it wasn't written particularly well, I didn't care for any of the characters, they seemed really shallow and like pathetic teenage girls, yeah you can get where I'm going with this.

I'd love to find a book about witches that is actually really good! Any ideas?

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