The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

Dear God this book is stressful. Gene is one of the few survivors in the world that has been overtaken with vampires. Yes, I know, another vampire book, but this is nothing like Twilight. Gene's normal life consists of going to school with vampires. He has to make sure he blends in with them, so he doesn't get caught and well.. eaten? Drained of blood? So far he's been doing okay, but when he gets picked to go to the sponsored Heper (human) hunt, things start to get just a little bit tricky.

Every time Gene was close to getting caught out, my heart stopped and I had to speed through the rest of the scene just so I know that he doesn't get caught. It was like I was reading in fast-forward. I loved the emotions this book brought out in me, I must have been literally holding my breath for 3/4 of this book. It was so intense, it was fast-paced and really interesting to learn more about the vampires, and how they came about to be in control of society.

I think Gene is such a strong character, if I was put into that situation, I would have probably jumped off a cliff or something. I could not have gone through what he did, I wouldn't have had the willpower to continue to make sure I don't swear, or grow hair, or be caught sleeping on a bed.

This is definitely one of my favourite vampire books, I'm pretty sure there's a sequel (I'll have to check that though), but if there is I definitely need to read it!

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  1. It's a series! Book Two is The Prey, Book Three is The Trap! Enjoy!