Legend - Marie Lu (Legend #1)

The United States has been split into two. Along the east coast, you have the Republic, and along the west, there's the Colonies. This dystopian phenomenon is set around 2130 (or so we find out in Champion #3). It follows both June and Day who come from very different background. Day, who is 15 is the Republics most wanted criminal and June is the Republics child prodigy. You should be wondering now what they both have to do with each other, right? Well June's brother, Metias gets murdered, and all the fingers are pointed at Day! Did he do it? He is a criminal after all? But why is he a criminal.
This book is just the mother of all dystopians. I love the world that Marie Lu has created, I love the characters, both incredibly unique in their own way. I love how we can see the intelligence of June and the ruthlessness of Day all in the space of a few chapters. It's not often we come across two very strong main characters in YA books, but when we do, and when they work, boy are they good! This book is pretty dark, it's full of action, suspense and romance. It's all about survival, and I mean, it had me thinking, why would you want to survive in a world that's treated you so bad anyway? But against all odds, they fight (both each other and others) when they realise that it's the government who are the criminals.

I loved Day so much. He seems like the perfect boy! He would do anything to keep his family safe and alive, he risks his life everyday in order to get some hands on money to get them medicine incase any of them get the plague. June seems so oblivious to whats happening outside the rich sectors of the country, she's the youngest person to attend university, she's the only person to get full marks on the Trials and she seems to be living the perfect life. I liked that she was unaware of what was going on, because it shows just how separated the civilians are with regards to social class. The rich people don't care about the poor people, as long as they have their nice houses and comfortable lifestyle, why should they? The poor don't care about getting rich, they just want enough money for food and medication to be able to survive in this cruel and unfair country.

I honestly cannot fault this book one bit. I was a little uncertain about whether I liked it or not, but once I started it, I couldn't put it down until it was all finished.

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