September's Child - C. Staff

I usually really enjoy reading books like this. I like books that make me sad, that can pull all the emotion out of me and just make me feel really shit for having a good childhood. No one has it easy, but then again no child should ever be treated like they don't mean anything.

I was pulled in by this book from the very beginning, and I've read a lot of child abuse/neglect stories, because I like the psychology behind it, how someone who's had a shit start to life can make something better for themselves, it's a good lesson to show people. But this book just didn't bring out any emotions in me, of course it's an incredibly sad story, but I think the writing was just too simplistic and plain, it didn't make me feel what I should have been feeling, reading an emotional story like this one. It was a little disappointing, but nevertheless a powerful read all together.

It lacked the emotive language that would naturally make a reader feel empathy, it didn't bring about any tears in me and it was just a bit monotonous, this book has the power to really pull people in to the depths of heartbreak and pain, if the language used had more emotion in it. It's a shame because there's so much potential. Other than the writing, the story was truly sad and if executed better, it would have been completely and utterly heartbreaking.

I love the lesson these books give people, it's like they're saying "Look, I've had a shit time too, but look at me now, I'm happy, I'm successful and I've moved on from the past." I think there are a lot of people around who need to realise that the past is the past no matter what happened and you can move forward and make a better life for yourself.

What a great life lesson.


  1. Dear Annie:
    Thank You for your very informative review!
    It is good to know that my story pulled you in from the beginning. I feel it is important to specify that this story was written from my point of view. The way I remember. Every abused child reacts to their abuser in their own way. I feel I need to clarify, that it did not take me long to figure out if I cried, or rebelled against Harriet, she was harder on me. I was very grown up for my age. I was smart enough to not show, or give my abuser a reason to abuse me. I was not, and am still not good with pain. I learned to show no emotions! My emotions did however come out in my young adulthood. Which I am sure will make my next book, much more captivating.
    I appreciate, and truly respect your review!


    C. Staff

  2. A very constructive review yes but I see it this way. I am glad it is actually untouched in terms of outside influences, this is her story, her life, she is not edited as a person she is real and human, it is a childs story in reality, children don't use big fancy words and don't always understand the emotions that are happening at the time. This is written from her experience and from her eyes. To be honest I see this as an extremely real book. It has not been processed but the editing world.