The Discoveries of Arthur Grey (Society's Traitor #1) - V.K. Finnish

*taken from goodreads* - "Arthur lives in an old mansion steeped in rumors of hidden treasure, and he plans to be the one who finally finds it. But it seems he’s not the only one. When sneaky magician thieves show up, Arthur is launched into an adventure with Transportal doors, odd powers, and magical creatures. He finally sees his chance to be a hero — if only he can survive a traitor’s cunning plot."

My initial thought of this book was "Oh like Percy Jackson?" but once you stopped comparisons that didn't really exist, you found that this book is such a great, imaginative read! It's upsetting that there are no small children in my family that I can read this to! I enjoyed it very much, and I know for a fact any child would love it too!

Reviewing is slightly difficult when the book you're reading isn't targeted at your age group, I could easily say 'oh it was childish, and stupid' etc etc, but it's a children's book. It's written for children, it has to be at least a little crazy otherwise they'd just get bored!

So keeping in mind that this is aimed at children, I will start my review properly!

I liked it, I mean it was okay. I found it kind of hard to get into at first, I think it was slightly a little over imaginative (if that's even possible). It wasn't a bad read, but I have read better children's books. I'd like to say that the actual physical book looked beautiful and just like old fashioned children's books looked like. I liked that touch because it made me feel like I was reading a classic.

What I really loved and noticed the first second I started reading the book was that it was kind of like a  'Game of Thrones' for children- with the Lords and the Ladies and I love all things Game Of Thrones and Royal too (being a Brit you wouldn't expect any less).

The actual story was okay, at some points I was like "wait! What's going on huh?" But after a little confusion I got into it a little more. I'm not sure what specific target age this book is for, maybe intelligent 10year olds? But there was a few times when I questioned whether a child would understand what it meant. Then again I don't have children and I'm rarely ever around them so what do I know what they'd understand and what they wouldn't?

So overall I enjoyed this book but I wouldn't say it was one of the best children's book I've read, it was good, it was meh, it was just average for me. It didn't really do much for me.

But I loved that there were wolves as pets!! Really? Can I have a wolf for Christmas?? Yes that made me really happy, an extra star for that!!

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