The Declaration - Gemma Malley

Reading the synopsis I wasn't sure whether I'd enjoy this book or not, I thought the idea behind it was interesting but didn't know how the author would pull it off. 

So this story follows Anna who is a surplus (basically someone who shouldn't have been born and therefore treated like a slave). The government have developed this pill that will stop old age, disease and death. Now with no one dying, they forbade people from having children. Those who did were imprisoned and their children (the surpluses) would go to a hall to be taught how to be servants for the Legals. 

The protagonist was very immature but it is understandable because she is only 13. There's a typical evil headmistress, a boy who saves the day etc.. 

I didn't really think the plot was executed as well as it could have been, nevertheless it was a quick and enjoyable read with many twists (although some were very predictable). 

I can see the faults that others have found and completely understand and agree with them, however they don't really take away from the suspense and enjoyment of the book at all. 

Overall I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who might be wary about the synopsis. 

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