Don't you HATE spoilers?

I am so wary about going on youtube/goodreads and reading/watching reviews about books I might be interested in because there are so many spoilers! Spoilers completely ruin the experience of reading a book for me, it takes away the element of surprise and once you know what's going to happen further on in the book, you tend to read the whole book differently and it's just not the same as being completely engrossed in the story and not knowing at all where it's headed.

I had a great experience of this whilst reading Looking for Alaska - John Green. I saw it and didn't pick it up several times because of the title (yes I judge the book by the title). I thought oh, Looking for Alaska.. she's obviously gone missing and we're going to have to find her, not my thing really. But I kept seeing all of the place how amazing and heartbreaking this story really is, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I went in without knowing anything about the book, I didn't read the blurb, I didn't know anything about anything and it was the most incredible experience. On the blurb, it mentions 'a big change' and I didn't know there would be a 'big change' because I hadn't read the blurb, so when I came across the big event in the book, I was like WHAT OH MY GOD NO WHAT and my reactions were so genuine and it was all so completely unexpected. I think reading that book gave me the best experience ever.

I can't say the same for other books because many of them are spoiled for me as I do spend SO much time on goodreads. It's not that people do it on purpose (although some do because they think they're rebels) but they kind of mention something tragic happening without saying what it is. I'll give an example that no one should be spoiled by; for Dumbledore's death in Half-Blood Prince- people would be like 'Oh no Dumbledore:(:(:('. Technically they didn't say what happened, they didn't give any of the plot away, but unless you're completely stupid, you know that he's died, so if I saw that and went to read the book, throughout the whole book I'd constantly be thinking 'When is this sad Dumbledore moment gonna happen?' and it ruins the entire book for me.

Those trolls who actually spoil books for people on purpose need to get like kicked off the face of the earth. It's so not fair to have someone spoil a book for you, especially when you're really looking forward to reading it! How would they like it if it was done to them? Although, I do have a feeling that some of these bitter spoiler trolls probably have had it done to them and are now taking their revenge on every other reader.

Do you hate spoilers as much as me? Does knowing spoilers ruin your reading experience? Let me know!


  1. OH NO DUMBEDORE!!! i really have not watched/read harry potter and i get spoilers before i barley even know who dumbledore is. jeez yes i hate spoilers .-.

  2. ^ haha, nice one, on 1 April as well..

  3. I was also badly spoiled when reading Miss Peregrine's Home Peculiar Children; I have no one to blame, actually. I bought the first two books in the series together, and I accidentally found out the ending of the 1st when I read the synopsis of the 2nd...:( That's what I call curiosity killed the cat.

  4. Not really. In fact, I've never understood the big deal. Whenever someone tries to explain why spoilers are so horrible and ruin the movie/book for them, it's like they're talking to me in French or Chinese for all that I understand them and their reasoning. For me, everything doesn't need to be a surprise in order for me to enjoy it. I'm capable of going into something knowing beforehand what's going to happen. If anything, spoilers actually help me avoid things I probably won't like and save me some crushing disappointment (and money if I paid for the book!).