Lord of the Rings

Can someone tell me what this series is about? I feel so stupid that I don't know! But I feel like if I find out what it's actually about that I might want to read it and I'll hopefully enjoy it!

Thanks viewers

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  1. Hey Annie!

    I don't know if you heard this from someone else yet, but LOTR was JRR Tolkien's excuse to invent new languages and a fantasy world with tons of backstory. (He was quite the linguistics geek) :) That said, the story DOES have a plot, and I think a very well done plot too. Frodo Baggins must take the evil Ring of Power to destroy it in the one place where it can be destroyed: Mount Doom. But Sauron, the Ring's creator and master, is trying to get it back so he can use its full power to take over Middle Earth. There are kingdoms of men who are involved in a war with Sauron, and elves and dwarves who are determining whether or not they should fight (or just leave Middle Earth to the men). The cultures are interesting and rich, but sometimes it's hard to get through all...the...detail he puts in!

    If you haven't already, I recommend reading The Hobbit first. It's much shorter and more straightforward, plus it functions as a prologue to LOTR. :) Hope this helps!