I'm always late at discovering books.

I feel like I'm the only one who discovers books that have come out 7/8 years ago and there's no more hype and people are like 'What? I read that book years ago!!'

Is there like a special place to find out when new books come out? I'd rather be reading and reviewing new books than ones that have been out for years!

I feel like there's no point in reviewing books that people already know about and have read years ago, of course I want to read them for myself (e.g. vampire academy series) but for people who look at my blog, I want them to discover new recently released books that they probably haven't come across yet, I think that would be much better for my readers.

Would you prefer to read reviews of old books that have been out for a while or new books that have just come out?

I want to read new books! So yeah if anyone knows of where I can find like a list of new books coming out etc, you can let me know in the comments. Preferably YA because that's my special favourite genre.

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