Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

I was hesitant about picking this book up. Vampires? In a vampire school? I haven't really had a good experience with this set up (cough House of Night series) but I'm really happy I did.

We follow Rose Hathaway who is a Dhampir (half human, half vampire). Dhampirs are guardians of Moroi vampires. Lissa is a Moroi and Rose is her guardian. They've run away from St. Vladimir's Academy because they believed that someone was after them, to kill them. When they get caught by the school guardians and are taken back to school, they discover that it's not as safe there are everyone thinks it is.

When I started the book, the first thing I thought was hmm this might actually be an okay book. The whole set up can be slightly confusing but Richelle Mead did a fabulous job at introducing us to the different vampires and the world that they live in. Rose is a complete bad-ass, she's feisty and would do anything to protect her bestfriend Lissa, it is her job after all. I grew to love Rose from the very beginning, if I could come back in my next life, I'd wanna be like her, she's a strong independent girl and we need more of those around.

I think I loved everything about this book, I honestly can't fault it. I loved the twists Mead created with her vampires. The evil ones are the traditional type of vampires, they can't go out in the sunlight, they kill when they feed, they're vicious creatures & they have to be made. But I like that there's a 'good' type of vampire too, they only feed of human volunteers, and they don't kill them when they do feed, they can handle a little sunlight, but not too much, they believe they're magic shouldn't be used as weapons, but to keep the peace and they're natural creatures, they're born as Moroi vampires. I really like what she did, I think it's a nice change- I'm so glad they don't sparkle.

Can I talk about Dimitri now? What a yummy man. I just want to eat him, he's so perfect. I just don't have any words to describe him, you can tell from the beginning that he'll be Rose's love interest, I loved it when she finally realised that she liked him! But she always mentions how she can see what he's feeling in his eyes, like she said how she saw the attraction in his eyes and then it disappeared into something else- I don't get how anyone can see that, and I've come across it in a lot of books. When I look into people's eyes, I just see their eyes.. and my reflection haha!

Something I really loved about this book, was how the scenes flicks back to past events. I kinda didn't like it because we couldn't fit the pieces together because Rose didn't tell us about vital information until later so we couldn't play detectives, but I think I liked it more than I didn't like it because it was just really fresh to have it flick and change to what happened in the past, and throughout the book there was always hints about 'the thing that happened before, but oh we mustn't bring it up because it was so bad' and for a while in the book you're like WHAT HAPPENED TELL ME ALREADY and when you finally get told you're like OMG.

It's really great. If you like vampires or boarding schools or vampire boarding schools you'll love it!

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