Non Book Related Question.

Google Adsense is a really really good service. It basically allows you to earn money just for putting a few ads on your blog.

My question is, how many people actually click on those ads? I mean, how many of you would click the ads on my blog just because you felt like doing so?

It's literally a serious question because I know that I never really click ads, unless they're on a blog of someone I like to follow or someone who has good posts - does anyone do the same?

Do people click the ads?
Do you?
Or do you just ignore them?

I'm pretty sure 99% of people would just literally ignore them- which isn't really fair I guess. But what can we do ey!

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  1. I normally ignore the ads, however if I'm looking at a blog post for something specific and there happens to be an ad next to that post advertising what I'm reading about, I might click on that ad, I might.