Old Magic in Everyday Life - Mhairi Simon

What an inspirational book. It's not normally something I'd pick up if I was browsing around a bookshop, but when I was messaged about reviewing this, I thought hey, what the hell, I need to broaden my reading range and branch away from the YA bubble that everyone seems to be in at the moment!

*taken from goodreads* 
Magic is a different way of doing things.
Much magic comes from the Universe, from the past. It is already here, waiting to be found and used: it does not need to be invented or improved. It is, however, mysterious – that is its nature. And that is the conundrum: how to find and use something inherently mysterious.

I really enjoyed this read. If I'm 100% honest, I didn't think I would. I didn't think it would be interesting or something that I would be into at all, but I really did like it. 

It was so inspirational and it really made me see life in a different way. Because I didn't know if I would be into it, I wasn't sure whether it would be compelling enough to pull me in and make me forget about the world around me, but I really did. I was surprised by the emotions it pulled out of me! 

Such a sad, funny & fascinating book.

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