Angelfall - Susan Ee

Angelfall - Susan Ee is such an incredible story. I can't even believe it's taken me this long to read it! I honestly haven't read a book where I've needed to get my hands on the sequel since Vampire Academy! I love this.

So basically angels have like taken over the world and are causing all sorts of trouble, everything is literally in chaos and people are doing whatever it takes just to survive another day. To cut a long story short, Penryn's wheelchair bound sister is taken by an angel, and we go with Penryn to find her and get her back!

From the get-go I couldn't put this book down. I love Penryn, she's such a strong character, and I love the fact that she would literally go to the ends of the world to save her sister. It's exactly what I would do in her situation as well.
The book is written in such a way that you don't even realise you're reading, you fly through it so fast. It's an easy read and definitely full of action and drama.

I loved every part of this book and I also really enjoyed the characters. Penryn, like I said is really fabulous, Raffe is so funny, I love his wit and sarcasm. The other characters are all really likeable (except the ones you're obviously not supposed to like) but they're all really different and each bring something unique to the story.

I can't wait to get my hands on the next book, I really need to find out where the story is going next. If you like paranormal, world-ending, angels wrecking havoc kind of books then I definitely recommend this. Even if you're not familiar with this genre, you need to read it. It's incredible.

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