Bloodlines - Richelle Mead

I was really skeptical about starting this spin-off series. I loved Vampire Academy with a passion, it's the best vampire series I think I've ever come across. So when I found out that this was a spin-off, I was like OH I need to read it. But then I thought about it and wondered whether I'd like it. I have a thing with different series based in the same world, I get so attached to the main characters from one, that I can't bear to read another series in the same world because I'll just miss the characters and it won't be the same. Okay, I'm rambling on, let's get started with the review.

I liked this book, I enjoyed it. I wasn't sure at first but once it got started I was really into it. I loved Sydney, she's so different from Rose that it's kind of nice seeing what a different type of person would do in difficult and dangerous situations. Sydney is a lot like me, so she's much more relateable than Rose was. But ofc, I will always love Rose. I'm glad she makes an appearance in this!

The story was really good, I thought it was slow at first, and the hint dropping got a bit over the top- like a few hints and then tell us what happened would have been good, but Mead was literally hinting that there was something going on throughout the whole book and it wasn't until like 70% of the way through that she finally told us. It was unnecessarily dragged on and I mean, we know Keith is an idiot from the start so it wasn't like a big surprise!

There were so many 'oh my god no way!!' moments that I was kind of surprised with myself that I didn't see any of the twists or reveals coming, it was predictable now that I look back at it, but whilst reading it I was like 'OH OF COURSE DUH' as if I should have known (and I probably should have).

If you liked Vampire Academy, I definitely recommend this because this book is just as good (I'm sure the whole series is aswell, we'll see when I get to them!)

I do have to warn you though, read the Vampire Academy series before you read this because there are spoilers for that series and it's just much better that way seeing as this is a spin-off series! 

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