Cinder and Scarlet - Marissa Meyer (+Novellas)

Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella, with a cyborg twist set over a hundred years after World War 4. I thought I wouldn't like this book, I'm not really into robots and cyborgs and futuristic things but dear god almighty was this book fabulous.

I'm going to review books 1 + 2 plus the 2 novellas.
So book 1 is Cinder, which of course is just fabulous. I really loved it and got into it so quickly. Cinder is such a great unique character who is so likeable, understandable and easy to grow attached too. I really felt myself rooting for her and feeling for her because of all the things she's had to go through.
Although there are some issues with the world building, a lot doesn't really get explained, like how there's civilisation on the Moon, what these Lunars look like, how they came about, why we haven't noticed them before etc etc. But that was really easy to ignore because all the characters were so unique and Meyer was able to pull me into the world so quickly, I instantly fell in love. This book is one of a kind.

The second book was just as good, although I didn't really click with Scarlet or Wolf like I did with Cinder and Kai, I still liked them. To be honest, I really read through this book to see what would happen to Cinder, I just wanted to be with her the whole time and I felt myself speed-reading through Scarlet's bits to get back to Cinder! Scarlet is supposed to be a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood which, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't noticed because I jumped straight into the book without reading the synopsis and I wanted to guess, but I didn't figure it out until a section in the book mentioned it. I nearly slapped myself for not realising sooner. Nevertheless I did enjoy this book aswell, and I am super excited to get my hands on Cress.

The two novellas (Glitches and The Queens Army) are probably the best novellas I've read. Usually novellas aren't as interesting or attention grabbing to read because realistically, you want to know what happens NEXT not what happpened before. But these books were so cute and lovely and just made me care for the characters so much more!

I definitely recommend these books to everyone & if you've read them, comment below so we can chat about them! They're my faves now!!

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