The Night Circus - Eric Morgenstern

Oh this book, I wanted to like it. I really did. The idea of a magical circus is something I'm pretty sure everyone dreams about. But blah it just wasn't what I wanted it to be at all.

I have so many problems with this book, literally so many, but I can't write them all down because it would spoil the book and I know you all hate spoilers.

I'll try my hardest & if you want to know my bigger rants about this book and be spoiled, then just leave me a comment below!

Celia is such a lovely character, she's so down to earth and magical, she's probably my favourite. Herr Thiessen is also such a fabulous character too, he's so cute. I just wanna cuddle him and pinch his cheeks.

I loved the writing style, and the time period is was set in, it gave it such an authentic feel and made it much more special than if it was set in the present day.

What I disliked about the book was that each chapter (more or less) kept jumping the time periods back and forth, so one would be November 1893 and the next chapter would be December 1902 following someone else and it was confusing to remember what was happening when and where and with who.

It took me well over a month to finish this book because I just felt like it was really slow. I wanted to know what happens next and what other wonders the circus will reveal but there was literally no plot. Okay, I'm lying, there was a plot, but it was slow and could have been executed in a much better way. There's a game connected to the circus, that two players are playing (but they don't know who they're playing against, what the rules are or what they even have to actually do) it's lasted for like years and years. It was dragged on SO much that I just ended up not caring about it at all. It's difficult to explain without spoiling everything so I'm sorry!!

The ending sped up more, and became so much more interesting. The ending was the best part of the book, I really enjoyed it and things ended up being pulled together and started making more sense.

I'm just glad it's over to be honest.

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