Books for £1? Yes please.

So I met my mum for lunch today and we ended up going into Poundland to pass some time before she had to go back to work.

I usually don't look at the small selection of books they have because they're usually just biographies. But I stopped to have a little look today and I found Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick HARDBACK for £1.

My sister read Hush Hush and wanted to read Crescendo but I didn't have the physical copy, so I thought I'd buy it for her.

She went to Belgium for a few days and is supposed to be coming back tonight (or like some time nowish) so I wrapped it up with Christmassy wrapping paper and texted her telling her it was her 'welcom home' present!

Aren't I such a cute sister?

Also, I found Game of Thrones in a charity shop for £2.

Do you look for bargains when buying books? Where do you buy your books from?

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