Personal notes about how I can relate to Eleanor & Park

So if you don't know already, Eleanor & Park is basically a YA love story about 2 misfits. It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking. 
Here are some things that I can relate to.
1. I’m kinda ‘chubs’ aswell. Overweight. Fat. Call it what you want, I’m no supermodel. I got picked on in school as well, and lord am I thankful I’ve finished and don’t have to go back to school. 
2. My family is dysfunctional. Okay, not to the extent of Eleanor’s but still pretty fucked up. 
3. I used to have a friend. He was my best-friend. At some point he wanted to be my boyfriend too. We wanted different things at different times. He too was Asian. It breaks my heart to this day that things didn’t work out. But Park reminded me of him. And I cried and cried whilst reading this book for ages. 
This book hit so close to home, I didn’t know whether I liked it or not. I didn’t know what to do with myself after I finished. But at least now I know I’m not alone because a lot of people can relate to Eleanor. 
If you can relate to Eleanor, and want to talk to me about it, then go ahead. Or even if there’s another book that made you realise that you weren’t alone in anything you’re going through. This is why I love books. 

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