Reboot - Amy Tintera

This is about a girl who died and rebooted. Reboots are basically normal humans but a) they can only die if damage is done to their brain. b) they're stronger, faster and have less emotions than humans.

The less amount of time it took you to wake up from the dead, the more human you still have in you, the weaker you are.

Wren is our lead, she took 178 minutes to wake up from being dead. She, along with other reboots, live in a training facility, where they're trained by the HARC (government human people, i guess) to basically be soldiers, and they go out on missions and stuff. Wren is one of the strongest and most respected reboots there.

  • How fast-paced this book was. 
  • The main character (despite her inconsistencies). 
  • The whole concept of the story. 
  • The world-building (although I still have questions). 
  • The other characters we get to know 
  • The action and danger 
  • Everything always seemed to work out for them, I expected something terrible to happen, a situation we couldn't ever envision they'd be able to get out of. But did we get that? Nope. 
  • Because Wren took a long time to reboot, she practically has no human left in her at all, that means no emotions. But she fell for Callum pretty damn quickly. Contradictions? I think so. 
  • We didn't really get to hear much about how the world came to be how it was, who the rebels are, what happened in the wars etc.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and read it all in a day. It's pretty quick and easy to get through, so if you're looking for more of a lighter, easier read, then this is your man.. ahem sorry book:) 
There were some issues, but I found it easy to push them back in my head and just enjoy the story. 
I'm not someone who overanalyses every book I read for pleasure, because this isn't work. This is fun and I don't want to spoil having fun by constantly finding problems and issues. Sometimes I like to just read the book and take it how it is. 


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