We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

I have slight mixed feelings about this book and I'm going to structure my review slightly differently. I think it'll be easier for you guys to find out what I liked and didn't like about the book without having to read through paragraphs of me babbling on.
But first I'm going to say that you have to give this book a chance. Push through to the end and it'll all be worth it.
I'm not going to tell you much about what it's about, because (like everyone has said) it's best to go into this without knowing much. I read it without knowing anything at all.
It's a book about a girl who had an accident, and goes back to the island where it happened, to get answers.


  • The writing style was really just incredible. I liked the narrator, she reminded me of Mara Dyer a bit. 
  • I liked the idea of the story, I loved the lifestyle her family seemed to be living. The island they were on, the summer and how much fun they seemed to have. It reminded me of my summers spent in Cyprus every year. 
  • I liked the characters, they were all so different and well-developed. 
  • I thought the issues that were dealt with in this book were really kind of difficult to read through, mainly because of personal experiences but also because the themes would really set anyone on edge a little. 
  • Some things that happened just didn't make sense. The characters and their actions didn't fit together, and it took away the realness that I was beginning to feel. 
  • I didn't really understand why the title was 'we were liars' or why they called themselves the liars... The narrator doesn't explain to us how they got the name or why it stuck. So that was a bit random for me. 
  • The first half was a little boring and I contemplated putting it down and picking up a different book to read. BUT I'm glad I didn't because the end really was worth it all. 
But overall, I did enjoy this book, even if it was slow at times, I think it's a good book to read, but I've found that the way others have described this book didn't really fit in with what I read. I mean, I've heard it's mysterious and creepy, I didn't think it was creepy at all, I thought it was mysterious a little, because we want to know what happened just as much as Cadence did, but it took too long for answers to be given, which was a little demotivating and that's why I struggled to get through it. 
I did like it, but it wasn't anything special and I won't be re-reading it again. 


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