Dismissed - Kirsty McManus

Dismissed - Kirsty McManus
Publication date: April 28th 2015
Genres: Romance, Young Adult

I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

"The second Lizzie White lays eyes on her new English teacher Brandon Thomas, she is hooked. Brandon is young, cool and sexy - and nothing like the other teachers at her school. But of course he is forbidden from fraternising with the students or forming any sort out of outside hours relationship. And combined with the fact that Lizzie's best friend Taylor declared her feelings for Brandon first (and has therefore claimed theoretical ownership), Lizzie decides it's all too hard and focuses on a budding relationship with fellow student and class clown Gabe instead. But then Jason shows up. Jason is Brandon's trouble-making twin brother who seems to have no qualms about flirting with students or leaving a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. Before she knows it, Lizzie is dragged into a confusing world of blurred lines and lustful thoughts, where loyalties are tested and true feelings are explored." - Goodreads

I didn't like this. I had so many issues with this book, I've completely lost count. The original premise sounded like something I'd totally be interested in, but the actual execution of the book was a major let down. However, if I really dislike a book, I won't finish it... but I found myself finishing this book, I guess I was intrigued as to what would happen - no matter how ridiculous it became. Which is a positive. 

Let's start from my number 1 pet peeve: insta-love. This is the one thing that I cannot stand. EVER. And here it was, in the first 20% of this book. I should have stopped there, it was the most ridiculous, unrealistic thing I've ever read. I really don't want to be harsh, but it was the one thing that really really irritated me. It went something like this: 
"Hey you're Lizzie right?" 
"I know we haven't ever really spoken before but it's okay because we've been in the same school since Year 9 so we technically know eachother. Wanna be my girlfriend?" 
"Okay, I love you" 

That was pretty much it. Okay, I might have over-exaggerated a little bit, but not that much. 

I will give this book some credit though, it really did pull on my heart strings towards the end, I found myself really caring for Lizzie and feeling for her character when things started to get crazy and complicated. She was probably the only likeable character in the whole book, the most relatable and even the most realistically portrayed teenager. 

I loved the fact that this book was set in Australia, it makes a change from those typical American high school books. I would love some more YA books set in the UK, but this being set in Australia is different and it's interesting to learn more about different Laws and educational systems in other countries. 

Overall, this book was the most unrealistic book I've ever read, but if you're into something wacky adn completely unrelatable then you'll probably love this. I have to say, as much as I say I disliked it, I did finish it and within a pretty small time frame so I have to say that it did keep my attention.. if anything it was so crazy and unrealistic that I just had to read on to see what other things may or may not happen. I rated this 2* on Goodreads.

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