Edelweiss vs NetGalley.

Which is better? Which do you prefer?

I have accounts with both but I 100% prefer NetGalley, it's much more simple to use and I tend to get approved a lot more.

Edelweiss although looks a lot more professional and has extra features, such as including publisher's catalogs and allowing you to post your reviews for books you've either bought yourself or have read in some other way - whereas NetGalley only allows you to review / leave feedback for the books you've received from the website.

Edelweiss also has a larger amount of books to request, but is that better or worset than a smaller selection? Considering it's so much harder to be accepted for books.

If you're declined on NetGalley, it's no big deal - you'll be accepted eventually for something else, it's nothing personal. But if you're declined on Edelweiss, it feels like a stab in the heart - it feels so much more personal purely because you have to write a reason why you wanted to receive a DRC of the book in the first place. Now I take my time to write that, I only request books that I'd love to read and review for you guys - to be able to find good upcoming books to recommend for you all - so I write a fair paragraph explaining the reasons I'd love to receive the book. So to get rejected, it's much more upsetting than it would be on NetGalley.

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