Happy New Year guys! I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating last night! What did you all do? 

I've decided this year I want to be a little more organised and make monthly TBR's and Wrap-Ups. I feel like if I have a goal, I'm more likely to read more and I really need to schedule time in to read. I know I kind of flopped with the 5 books I need to read ASAP ... but I thought, there's no better time to start fresh than the 1st January! 

Let's see how long this lasts! 

1. Prisoner of Night and Fog - Anne Blankman 
I've already started reading this, I'm about 70% of the way through so I hope I'll be able to finish it tonight! Does this count as cheating? ... 

2. The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh 

I'm honestly still not too sure about this, but after reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and loving it, I thought I'd give this a try too. I had the same feelings about that book, and it all turned out okay, so I'm hoping I will really enjoy this one too! 

3. Soundless - Richelle Mead 
 I've been hearing a lot about this book and the premise of it is really rather intriguing. I love Richelle Mead's other work so I'm excited to get to this one! 

I'm going to keep my TBR's short, because I want to have enough room to manoeuvre in case I'm not feeling a certain book or I've just discovered an amazing book etc. You know what I mean, I want structure but I don't want to be too tied down. 
Have you read any of these books? Did you like them, would you recommend them? Let me know!


  1. Great TBR!! I actually haven't read any of these books, but I've heard pretty great things about all of them, so I'm excited to hear what you think of them.

    Lovely post! <3

  2. I am really interested in Prisoner of Night and Fog! How is it so far?

    1. It was really good! I posted up a review of it: http://originalbooker.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/prisoner-of-night-and-fog-anne-blankman.html You should definitely read it if it's something you're interested in!:)