REVIEW: Tragedy Girl - Christine Hurley Deriso

Tragedy Girl - Christine Hurley Deriso 
Of course Anne would be drawn to Blake. He’s good looking, he’s friendly, and they both bring sob stories to the table: her parents died in a car wreck, his girlfriend, Cara, drowned. Of course Blake would understand what she’s gone through. And of course they can help each other work through the pain. It’s like it was meant to be.

But just as Anne starts to feel she’s finally found something good in all the tragedy, she can’t ignore signs that something’s off. Her friends rarely let her be alone with Blake. Even those closest to Blake seem uneasy around him. And then there are the rumors about the death of Cara, whose body was never recovered. Rumors that suggest Blake’s pain is hiding something darker than Anne can even begin to comprehend . . ." - Goodreads 

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book will be published on 8th April 2016 by Flux. 

I'm going to go in chronological order for this review. I'm taking you all on the journey I went on whilst reading this book. So sit back, and enjoy the ride. I'm going to start off by firstly saying that I really enjoyed this book at the beginning, I thought it was interesting, it was just the type of book that I needed to be reading at that point in time. I wasn't a massive fan of Anne, but I definitely respected her strength. I know for a fact this would have been a book I would have given 4*+ to when I was a bit younger! 

First of all... the insta-love. Do I even need to say anymore? I hate insta-love. It's not realistic at all and it just makes everything feel really rushed. You can progress with your storyline with the two characters falling for each other at a slower rate you know.. you know? I just hate it. But that's just my general opinion. The actual relationship between Anne and Blake was really odd, and I didn't like it. I didn't want them to be drawn to each other, I didn't want to read about them going on dates, I just wanted tragedy and drama, and it was a little too 'high-school' for my liking. 

Anne as a character was awful. I pretty much have very little positive points to say about her. She's probably the most self-centered character that I've ever come across in a book (and I've read a lot of books). I found myself wanting to scream at her. "THIS ISN'T YOUR BUSINESS. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU. UGH" were just a few of the phrases running through my mind whilst reading this book. I wouldn't have minded if it was just once, or even twice.. but no! Anne thought everything that ever happened on every page was about her. And if I'm honest.. I'm not sure what she had to do with anything, at all? 

I'm being so cynical here. Let me lighten this up a little bit! I mentioned about Anne and her self-centeredness and it's awful yes, but something that I absolutely loved about it, was that she knew it. She knew she was making everything about her, she knew she had flaws and she constantly pointed that out and if there's one thing that I love about reading, it's reading about people who can point out their own flaws. I love it. That's definitely a point that saved this book for me. 

She was also an idiot. But it's okay, because she knew she was an idiot and she didn't faff around acting (and thinking) that everything she was doing was the best thing to do. She fucked up, and she fixed it and moved on. I like her now. 

The end of this book was really good. It was a mixture of "I knew it!!!" and "Omg what?!". I want to say it was predictable. It was.. and it wasn't and I'm okay with that. I'm not the brightest star in the sky, but I can pick out a predictable storyline if I had to. Sometimes, I'm completely oblivious to things and other times it's painfully obvious to me. But this was so weird, it was a mixture of both. It was different. 

I really enjoyed this book, I had my issues with it, but it was a pretty short read and definitely one that I would have even loved, had I read it when I was younger. I rated this book 3* on Goodreads! 

Are you excited to read this?! Let me know! 

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