Rebel of the Sands - Alwyn Hamilton

Title: Rebel of the Sands
Author: Alwyn Hamilton
Series: Rebel of the Sands #1
Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers
Date Published: 8th March 2016
Pages: 314

Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands Trilogy)
She’s more gunpowder than girl—and the fate of the desert lies in her hands.
Mortals rule the desert nation of Miraji, but mystical beasts still roam the wild and barren wastes, and rumor has it that somewhere, djinni still practice their magic. But there's nothing mystical or magical about Dustwalk, the dead-end town that Amani can't wait to escape from.

Destined to wind up "wed or dead," Amani’s counting on her sharpshooting skills to get her out of Dustwalk. When she meets Jin, a mysterious and devastatingly handsome foreigner, in a shooting contest, she figures he’s the perfect escape route. But in all her years spent dreaming of leaving home, she never imagined she'd gallop away on a mythical horse, fleeing the murderous Sultan's army, with a fugitive who's wanted for treason. And she'd never have predicted she'd fall in love with him... or that he'd help her unlock the powerful truth of who she really is. - Goodreads

This is one book that I really thought I wouldn't enjoy, but gosh how wrong was I! I really thoroughly enjoyed reading this, it was so different to anything I've read before (which, if you ask me, is a bloody good achievement as I've read hundreds of books!). The concept, the setting, it was just incredible and really entertaining. 

I always struggle writing reviews for books that I really loved, not because I don't have a lot to say, but because I will literally just praise all of it and it'll look like I've been told to say it's great, when in actual fact, I just loved it all. So I promise, these are all my own thoughts, no one held a gun to my head to write good things about it, it's just great. Go pick it up, give it a read & come back so we can fangirl/boy together! 

I enjoyed everything about this, all the characters, the betrayal (I secretly liked that, oops), the twists and turns, everything was just done really well! 

I literally have nothing else to say, I just loved it so you should go and read it. That's all. I rated this 5* on Goodreads!


  1. I tried reading this before, and unfortunately couldn't get into it. I think it was just bad timing and your review is encouraging me to give it another try.. I hope I love it just as much!

    1. Sometimes that happens to me too and then I'm like 'WHAT, why didn't I read this before!?!?' but sometimes a book just isn't meant to be! I hope you do end up enjoying it though! x