Reality Boy - A.S. King

It took me a while to get into this, but I pushed through and ended up loving it.

Reality Boy is all about Gerald who was part of a TV show when he was little, where they had a nanny in their house to fix their behaviours etc, a bit like Supernanny (with Jo Frost)? And it's basically about how he's dealt with everything that happened in the past and how he can move on from it in the future etc.

It's a really nice contemporary story, it flows really well and Gerald is really likeable, I don't like comparing, but in order to explain his character, I'd say he's very similar to Charlie from The Perks. Gerald is so likeable, you just want everything to work out for him, I was really hoping for a happily ever after!
Gerald's mum is such a shit person, like I can't even explain how much I wanted to slap her, the further I got into the book, I really wanted to send her into a mental hospital so she can just go away and let Gerald live happily. Don't even get me started on Tasha, I just don't even understand how someone can become so evil? And Lisi? Why would you even leave your kid brother in that environment?? Oh god what a fucked up family.

I really like A.S. King's writing style, I think I'll definitely be checking out more of his/her books. I highly recommend this book if you're into contemporary/kid has hard life but will get through it kinda books!

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