Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

I love love love this book.
Lincoln is a bit of a nerd, who's been studying for years and years and has multiple degrees, lives with his mum and hasn't had a girlfriend since his ex broke his heart 9years ago. His job is boring, but it introduces him to a girl... via email.

The whole concept of this story is just beautiful, it's such a cute, feel-good book. Okay, there are some issues, like... why is Lincoln portrayed to be nerdy and unlikeable, but apparently he looks like some sort of beautiful God.. just doesn't make sense. Other than that, the rest of the book was just so enjoyable, I flew through it, and I'm really quite sad that it's over.
Rowell's writing is just so unique and different, I love the emails in the story and how it's set in the 90s, it's so much more original than the books that are published nowadays. I've read Fangirl by the same author and really didn't enjoy it, so I'm glad that this book has made me open my eyes to the other works of Rainbow Rowell. I'd definitely recommend this book if you want something easy and feel-good to read.

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