The A-Z YA Book Tag

I decided to do a tag, seeing as I'm just sitting here either looking for more books I can't afford to buy and/or feeling bad that I could be reading but I'm not. So this is a good use of my time, and stops me from feeling guilty at the lack of reading I've done today. I found this tag here.

Here goes!

1. A book you wish you owned? 
Ugh can I just list the whole of the YA books on Goodreads/Amazon or? No? Okay, let's see. Hmm I desperately wish I could afford the Harry Potter: Page to Screen book.
This is something I've always wanted to own and to flip through. Harry Potter has played a major role in both my childhood and later teenage years, it will forever be my favourite book/film series and I want to own every book associated with it.

But it's so expensive. So for now, we'll just have to look at the picture online.

It's my birthday in July, so here's hoping someone surprises me with this little beauty.

2. Best YA Book Cover? 
WHAT. These are so much harder than I thought they would be. Okay, you ready?
There's just so many to pick. I just spent 10 minutes scrolling through my Goodreads READ shelf and couldn't decide. I love all 3 of these covers, but there's so so many more that I love too. SORRY OTHER BOOKS. :)
3. Could you ever see yourself with any of your favourite characters?
Is this like, with with them or just like physically with them? Pahaha. Like relationship with or just with? 
Relationship with? I could definitely hell yeah, like everyone. Gimme some Noah Shaw, Will Herondale, Tobias Eaton, I could go on. I really really could. 
But being physically with them on their adventures? Probably not. I mean, I could be with Harper, I don't think that would be an issue for me (er minus me not having any powers, but I'm sure we could fix that). It just depends I guess. I'm not even close to being interesting enough though. 

4. Do you ever wish you could live in a fictional world? 
Harry Potter. 

5. Epic battle or Love story? 
I'm a sucker. Love story. I love battles and actions etc, but I love a good romance over all of it any day of the week. 

6. Favourite YA title you've read so far? 
Don't make me pick. Please. 
I can tell you that I'm currently reading the Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard and I love it, so let's go with that. 

7. Ghosts or Aliens?
Hmm. I'm not TOO keen on aliens, it just depends on how they're written in, I loved The Host - Stephanie Meyer but any others and I'm a bit meh. I think I'd prefer ghosts, although I'm not too keen on them either, tbf I haven't really read many ghost books so maybe that's why. But I am big on the horror scene so ghosts it is. 

8. How do you choose which books to buy? 
I don't. I buy them all. 
No I'm just kidding, I read the synopsis and if I really have to have to have to have it then I buy it. If I think 'oh yeah that sounds good' but I'm not in like an immediate hurry to read it, I won't buy it and usually I'll forget about it. 
But most of the time, I'll buy them all on kindle bc cheaper. 

9. If you could be a fictional character for the day, who would you choose? 
HM. This is difficult, I'm trying to run through all the books I've read and all their characters and my mind is just blank. I mean, they all have pretty shitty scary lives, so I wouldn't really want to be any of them. I think I'd like to be Anna though, from Anna and the French Kiss. Again, here I am with my romance, but can you just imagine being with a hot guy in Paris? YEA pls. I don't even care if I just chickened out of that question, it's a legit answer.

10. Judge books by their covers? 
All the time. 
Don't judge me. 

11. Killing characters in YA books - should it be allowed? 
Er yeah. We wouldn't have The Hunger Games if you weren't allowed to kill off characters. I mean, can you imagine reading a book and there's a major war scene or battle scene and everything's really tense and the character gets stabbed but... it's fine because we know he/she can't die? WHAT IS THE POINT. I like the suspense, the not knowing, the fear. I like when characters are killed off, or die. I don't know why I just do. 

12. Least favourite YA book you've read. 
I have quite a few. I read Beautiful Creatures which I think was terrible. Uglies was pretty rubbish too. 

13. Male protagonist or female protagonist?
Gotta say female. I can relate to them a lot more. But I do like reading books with a male protagonist, and some of my favourites have a male protagonist (A Monster Calls) but if I had to pick I'd say female. Even though usually in YA books the female protagonists are just whiny and pathetic most of the time, but yeah overall and generally female. 

14. Name a YA book you're desperate to read. 

15. One YA book you want everyone to read? 
A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness. Definitely. Such a beautiful book. 

16. Pick 3 fictional characters you'd want on your side in an apocalypse. 
Okay. Let's think... 

Katniss (The Hunger Games) - she's badass. 
Harry Potter - he can do magic?? 
Day (Legend) - he's badass too. 

I think we'll survive with this bunch. I hope? 

17. Quick read or long read? 
I prefer quick reads, I feel like I'm accomplishing something when I finish a book, and I finish them much faster with a quicker read. I would rather have a series of 4 books than maybe one or two massive books to read. 

18. Reading is essential to happy life - agree?
What kind of a question is this? Obviously! 

19. Series or standalone?
I'm preferring standalone's much more nowadays but I do love myself a series. Standalone contemporaries, and series with everything else. 

20. Tell us the most recent book you've read?
*checks goodreads* 
Another Day - David Levithan is the most recent one I've finished. 
I'm currently reading Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard now. 

21. Under the duvet - scariest book you've read? 
I think maybe the Mara Dyer series. They weren't scary as much, they were just creepy and completely messed with your head. 

22. Vanquish which YA series with a magic wand? 
Oh this is mean! Can I say? Should I say? The House of Night series by P.C and Kristen Cast. 


23. What do you love most about YA fiction? 
I love that it's so relatable (I still see myself as a 16 year old, so it's fitting) and that they're generally really easy to read and get through, especially when you have actual work to do and you just want something to relax you in the evening, you don't want massive books full of massive words etc. It keeps me youthful. 

24. X marks the spot. Where is your favourite reading spot? 
My bed. Always my bed. 

25. Your house is on fire. Which 3 books would you save? 
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak 
Whichever Harry Potter book I can pick up the quickest/easiest. 
1984 - George Orwell 

26. Zombies or Vampires?
Vampires. Always Vampires. ;) 

So that concludes my A-Z YA tag, hope you read it all (it's okay if you didn't, I won't hate you) and enjoyed my answers. I'd love for some of you guys to have a go. Send me a link if you do so I can read your answers and we can talk!! 

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