REVIEW: White Noise - Tanya Lisle

White Noise - Tanya Lisle 
"Max wasn't planning on getting kidnapped. 

After an unusual day at school of mute goth kids, disappearing acid burns and the feeling of someone hunting for him, Max just wants to unwind at home. When a stranger appears in his room and abducts him, he witnesses the murder of his parents and becomes the prime suspect. 

Max soon finds himself on the run with several other abducted teens, all being hunted down because they’ve developed unnatural powers. Even with his new allies and newfound ability to heal, Max can’t get too comfortable as the feeling that the people looking for him are still there - and they’re closing in." - Goodreads

I received this copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I was a little confused about this book, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but it did kind of grow on me eventually. I was excited to read this, the synopsis had me so intrigued! This book definitely had so much potential, but I do feel like it wasn't refined enough, it felt a little like a first or second draft and not the finished novel. Saying that, I did finish the book, it was semi-enjoyable, if a little weird but it did hold my attention and keep me interested till the end. 

Firstly, the characters felt very two-dimensional. They weren't really fleshed out enough for my liking, I didn't find myself caring about Max or the others and that's a huge problem for me. I want to care about the characters I read about, I want to support them as if they're my friend and I want them t be okay but I just didn't feel that with this book. They were great characters that just needed more development. 

The pacing of this book was a little bit off or just wrong. The writing was good the further into the book you got, but at the beginning, there was just something not right about it? As if I was aware that it was a book or a story written on paper, though usually when I dive into a book I kind of fall in and forget that it's not real? Yeah, it's a bit of a weird point, and I can't really explain it properly but I hope you get what I'm trying to say! 

The plot was okay. It wasn't really anything special, it actually kind of reminded me a little bit of Zeroes - Scott Westerfeld, although the only real similarities was the group of kids with superpowers. I loved that there were twists and turns when it came to finding out the true reason they were running and who they were running from, but it was a teeny bit predictable. 

A final small issue that I had with the book, particularly the writing, was the way the author kept jumping from memories and reality. There were times during the book that I wasn't sure if it was really happening or if it was a memory, and still to this day I don't really know what happened and what was a memory. It wasn't differentiated properly and it was definitely confusing at times. 

Overall, it was such a short read that I can't really complain much. It was really entertaining, I just wish it was longer so there was more time for us to develop a connection, not only between us and the characters but between the characters themselves. I loved that there was a hint of romance that we didn't really quite understand until the end, it's so refreshing not to have the love story over power or be the main plot for once. 

I rated this book 2.5* on Goodreads! 

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